TIAA Jobs Pune 2022
Associate – Java
Job Location : pune
Fri Jul 29 2022

Qualification : BE/B.Tech
Full Time
Salery : As per company standard

About Company
Helping those who help others find confidence in retirement is in our mission. TIAA was founded 100+ years ago to help teachers retire. Today, our reach extends beyond education to healthcare and cultural fields. And we stand hand-in-hand with 5M+ clients to help fortify their money so they can ignite their dreams.

Job Description

Develops, implements and assesses specific new and emerging technologies, platforms, and services.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

Essential Functions

  • Assessing the technical viability of emerging products and technologies.
  • Working with developers and infrastructure specialists to test and evaluate new technologies.
  • Participating in the development of business cases and obtaining approvals for capital expenditures.
  • Monitoring and analyzing new technology product performance and resolving issues regarding potential improvements or modifications to complex situations, as needed.

Skills Required

  • Information Technology Trends: Highlights organizational implications associated with major IT trends. Cites examples of successful organization initiatives and underlying technologies. Compares organization’s technology practices to other organizations. Advises key lines of business on major advances in technology and implications. Discusses organizational position in relation to technology-related trends. Presents alternative views of key technologies and their implications.
  • Technology/IT Consulting: Describes tools and techniques for identifying opportunities for more work. Describes issues and considerations for partnering with other vendors or service providers. Describes consulting and client role and responsibilities (general and contract specific). Cites examples of common problems and issues on consulting engagements. Has participated in providing fee-based services on technology-related projects.
  • Problem Solving: Ensures capture of lessons to be learned from a problem-solving effort. Organizes potential problem solvers and leads problem resolution efforts. Uses varying problem-solving approaches and techniques as appropriate. Contributes to standard practices for problem-solving approaches, tools, and processes. Develops successful resolutions to critical or wide-impact problems. Analyzes and synthesizes information and devises alternative resolution strategies.
  • Teamwork: Learns and utilizes special talents and work styles of team members. Shows and promotes respect for differences and diversity. Works with large or multiple teams that span functions, issues, locations, and time zones. Identifies and addresses potential problems or issues within the team. Establishes and maintains effective working relationship with each team member. Coordinates roles, responsibilities and interdependencies of all team members.
  • Project Management: Under guidance, plans and estimates simple projects. Produces standard project status reports. Obtains information from stakeholders during the planning stage of a project. Assists in detailed project plans including cost, schedule, and resource requirements. Provides input for Gantt or PERT charts or their equivalent to track project progress and status.
  • IT Industry: Trends & Directions: Leads in the implementation of industry benchmarks in the IT field. Oversees multiple selection, evaluation and certification initiatives for the IT industry. Outlines organizational implications associated with major IT trends. Consults on the utilization and optimization of specific and multiple industry information sources. Compares the organization’s technology practices with those of other organizations. Anticipates the organization’s future position on technology-related trends.
  • Emerging Technologies: Resolves all technical and administrative problems that occur in the design, application and evaluation of information technology. Evaluates business accuracy and productivity levels derived from information technology influences. Guides junior-level staff on the effective implementation of new information technologies within the organization. Monitors information technology users to ensure compliance with organizational policies. Determines long-term, strategic requirements for the design of information technologies. Evaluates best practices of emerging information technologies to learn and understand principles and applications.
  • System and Technology Integration: Discusses with line areas on data, technology and application integration issues. Identifies and quantifies risks of proposed alternatives to a system or technology integration initiative. Designs and develops applications or technology interfaces and bridges. Delivers training on major issues, interfaces, considerations and potential pitfalls and risks. Advises others in how to integrate projects across multiple technologies. Documents existing best practices for system or technology integration processes.
  • Application Development Tools: Provides implementation support on toolkit enhancements or changes. Interprets benefits and drawbacks of procedural and event-driven toolkits. Evaluates toolkits used to support major production systems. Oversees the evaluation and recommendation of delivery tools and platforms. Coaches others on appropriate uses of all major tools in a toolkit for a specific platform. Resolves issues regarding functions, features and components of multiple toolkits.