QuantAi Off Campus Drive 2022
Data Admin
Job Location : bangalore
Wed Aug 03 2022

Qualification : BE/B.Tech
Full Time
Salery : As per company standard

About Company
QuantAi is full of the young, enterprising and innovative brains in today’s digital world from the elite universities such as Stanford, Northwestern UT Austin and IIT. We use our expertise with the Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, along with modern data platforms and digital integration platforms, to create robust enterprise-grade products without the heavy investments made by large enterprise companies.

Job Description

  • New API development with multiple databases (Oracle, Cassandra, Postgre) to ensure factory wide data availability and storage as quick and efficient as possible.
  • Designing and creating a factory wide Kafka Cluster Message Bus that will integrate with SCADA controls to form an event driven system for manufacturing lines.
  • Manage a Kubernetes cluster that allows us to run micro-services such as API’s, front-end applications, databases, Documentation pipelines via Docusaurus framework, and serverless functions that gather data from various processes.
  • Hand on experience in the use of JIRA and Confluence to track our projects, our test framework we utilize most is Jest, and CI/CD tool is Jenkins.
  • Administrator of local MySql Database for multiple teams. Manage connections, tables, and databases within.
  • Create optimized Python scripts to gather real time data to give insight on machine’s status and production across lines in the factory.

Skills Required

  • Good communication Skills and Verbal Skills
  • Good teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative and enterprise
  • Planning and organizing
  • Self-management
  • Quick learning Skills
  • Good technology Subjects.